Luna Wolf: A Rejected Mate Shifter Romance (The Moon Alpha Series)

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Luna Wolf: A Rejected Mate Shifter Romance (The Moon Alpha Series)

Luna Wolf: A Rejected Mate Shifter Romance (The Moon Alpha Series)

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The XVI th Legion was originally known as the Luna Wolves during the Great Crusade. In honour of Horus' great achievements during the latter years of that era after the Imperial victory over the Orks during the Ullanor Crusade, the Emperor suggested that the Legion be renamed the " Sons of Horus" to honour his most beloved son's accomplishments. There was no fixed strength for a company within the Luna Wolves and the Sons of Horus. While other Legions codified and enforced strict limits on the size of similar formations, this was not the case amongst the Sons of Horus, which had begun in more regimented form, but had become increasingly ad hoc in structure and disposition over time. Company strengths as small as 36 and as large 972 Astartes were recorded by datafactors during the XVI th Legion's action against the Dasim Patrimony, for example. Keylek Genocide (923.M30) - Early in the Great Crusade the Luna Wolves fought against the hostile alien reptilian race known as the Keylekid on the world of Keylek, ultimately wiping these reptilian xenos from the face of the galaxy. This was a long, brutal and miserable genocidal campaign that was fought long before Horus was made the Imperial Warmaster. At this time Horus was referred to simply as "The Commander" by the Astartes of his Legion.

Space Marine fought Space Marine as Terra itself was finally invaded during the climax of the Heresy, and the Imperial Palace itself was besieged and breached by the Forces of Chaos during the Battle of Terra. But in the end it was Horus who was slain by the psychic power of the Emperor aboard his Battle Barge Vengeful Spirit, and with him died the rebellion. Refusing to believe that Horus, his most beloved and trusted son, would actually betray him, the Emperor instead mistakenly perceived the traitor to the Imperium to be Magnus and his Thousand Sons, who had long suffered from a near-debilitating run of mutations because of the instability of Magnus' own genome and were known to have practiced the sorcery that had been expressly outlawed in the Imperium at the Council of Nikaea several Terran years before. Loken next journeyed into Terra's ruins to find Euphratii Keeler, who had gone missing. He discovered her leading fanatical militias in a hopeless religious war against traitor forces. Loken initially opposed this helpless struggle, but was convinced by Keeler to allow her to continue her work. Loken agreed to stay with Keeler and make her see her senses before it's too late. [13] However, due to the chronological and spacial chaos that began to erupt on Terra in the final stages of the Siege, the two soon themselves moving to areas far apart from each other in short spans of time. [14a]The Mournival was broken during the Battle of Istvaan III as the majority of the four Traitor Legions at Istvaan III turned on the Loyalist Space Marines who remained within their ranks, and Loken and Torgaddon faced off against Abaddon and Aximand just before Horus' 63rd Expeditionary Fleet began its final orbital bombardment of the Loyalists' positions and ended the battle. Loken and Torgaddon were believed to have died during that bombardment, though Loken survived to later serve the Emperor as one of Malcador the Sigilite's special Space Marine covert agents known as the Knights-Errant. Rassek - Rassek was a Terminator Squad Sergeant attached to the 10 th Company. He was possibly a member of the elite Justaerin Terminator Squad of the 1 st Company. Ikon (Eclipse-class Battlecruiser) - The Ikon was a figure of dread in the days of the early Horus Heresy-era as it acted as an outrider to Traitor forces within the Cyclops Cluster, enforcing Dark Compliances on worlds such as Gethsamaine and Taracanis and delivering the Warmaster's ultimatum to scores of other worlds. Most notoriously it was the Ikon's captain that was responsible for the anarchic developments on the word of Moab, which entered history as the Sorrow of Moab. As the Imperial Warmaster, Horus took over command of the Great Crusade, and accepted his new duties with earnest dedication. However, there was much dissension in the ranks of the primarchs and other parties in the Imperium over the Emperor's decision to withdraw from the campaign and return to Terra as well as to reorganise the political administration of the Imperium under the control of a Council of Terra headed by His regent, Malcador the Sigillite. Only a handful of the primarchs, amongst them a scheming Lorgar, remained steadfast beside the Warmaster during this period of conflict. The XVI th Legion showed a preference for the use of Tactical Squads. Squads configured in this form within the Luna Wolves and later the Sons of Horus outnumbered all other squad types combined throughout the Great Crusade. Horus remarked on several occasions that there were few challenges of war that could not be met by, or did not require, the use of such units.

Sixty solar years earlier, when the Luna Wolves had brought about the successful Imperial Compliance of Davin, they had entrusted a detachment of the Word Bearers, under the command of its First Captain Kor Phaeron, to shepherd the people of Davin into the light of the Imperial Truth. At the suggestion of First Chaplain Erebus, the XVI th Legion had adopted the native Davinite institution of " Warrior Lodges." Though these lodges had begun as simple fraternities of warriors, their secretive nature handed Lorgar and Erebus the tool they needed to manipulate Horus. Guljuk Ygethddon - Sergeant Ygethddon commanded a Despoiler Squad of the 9 th Battle Company, 2 nd Battalion. Held together by Horus' personal charisma and brilliance as a leader, the command structure of the Luna Wolves and then the Sons of Horus proved highly effective, adaptable and resilient. Combined with the XVI th Legion's skill in rapidly concluding campaigns, it allowed the Legion to flow from one victory to another, forming and reforming to meet each new challenge. Each Son of Horus knew his capabilities and the capabilities of those around him, both by given rank and personal repute, capabilities that were enshrined in a hierarchy determined by deeds rather than the demands of formality. They healed his grievous wound and filled him with the powers of the Warp. Renouncing his oath to the Emperor, Horus led his Legion into worship of the myriad Chaos Gods in the form of Chaos Undivided. He then sought to turn many of his fellow primarchs to the service of Chaos, and succeeded with Angron of the World Eaters, Fulgrim of the Emperor's Children and Mortarion of the Death Guard, who were the first of many to follow, along with many regiments of the Imperial Army and several Titan Legions of the Mechanicum.Grael Noctua - Noctua was a Tactical Squad Sergeant assigned to the Sons of Horus' 25 th Company during the Horus Heresy. Noctua was recommended to become a member of the Mournival by Captain Horus Aximand following the Battle of the Mausolytic Precinct on the planet Dwell to replace the Mournival members who had been lost on Isstvan III during the conflict between the Traitors and Loyalists within the Sons of Horus. Angered and wounded that the Emperor would not accept his devotion and worship, Lorgar began what became known as the Pilgrimage of Lorgar to discover the truth of divinity in the universe. This quest ultimately culminated in Lorgar turning to the service of the Ruinous Powers of the Warp -- Dark Gods who were all too willing to accept the devotion of one of Humanity's primarchs. Before long, the Word Bearers Legion had been almost entirely corrupted by the Chaos Gods, and Lorgar and the XVII th Legion's First Chaplain Erebus were tasked by the Ruinous Powers with corrupting all of their fellow Space Marines -- starting with the greatest of them all, the Warmaster Horus.

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