Forced and Milked by the Vikings (Forced Milking and Lactation Erotica)

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Forced and Milked by the Vikings (Forced Milking and Lactation Erotica)

Forced and Milked by the Vikings (Forced Milking and Lactation Erotica)

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But men are not cows and a male organ is not an udder, so one should not use a milking machine intended for a cow on one’s tool. There are several reasons for this. Some men, especially those with a fondness for humiliation fantasies, may find that using a penis milking machine with a partner adds a little extra zest to the experience. Penis milking machines lend themselves to role playing. When operated in a solosexual situation, many men enjoy imagining a woman's hands, lips or vagina enfolding the penis. A man may fantasize a partner's presence and engage in appropriate "dirty talk" as the machine goes about its business. Some men may indulge in a little BDSM fantasy play as well, imagining themselves forcibly attached to the milking machine and made to give up their precious seed. And some men find pleasure in imagining themselves an animal, such as a mighty bull, being relieved of his semen.

Breeding farm | Archive of Our Own

One, a cow’s teats are much thinner than a man’s member. Since the suction devices on a milking machine are intended to fit snugly, they would not very easily fit on a man’s junk.Andy replied, "I found you so I win. Now you are my prisoner!" As he said this his hands were trembling ever so slightly and I could see he was visibly excited. I had no idea what he had in mind but decided I would go along with him, besides we had agreed to his terms before we started the game. The pleasure of a male organ milking by a partner’s hand is one many men enjoy, but the use of a male organ milking machine is fairly rare. If presented with the opportunity, there are a number of tips to consider before plunging in; exercising appropriate caution in such situations is simply a matter of sensible male organ care. While experimentation with new forms of sensual pleasure is an admirable goal, it is also important to ensure no harm comes to one’s favorite body part.

Male Organ Milking by Machine: Tips for Enjoying the Male Organ Milking by Machine: Tips for Enjoying the

Lila whined, remembered how disappointed Dean had been when he measured her breasts every month, and they were barely double Is.I sat in the dark for what seemed a lifetime but Andy said later was only about 30 minutes. I was beginning to think I would have to give myself up when I heard someone come into the room. A few moments later the closet door opened and Andy was standing there, grinning down at me. I noticed he had changed out of his soccer shorts and was now wearing khaki cargo shorts. Sh, sh, sh, little cow, gotta take a look at your udders, make sure you're being a good little breeding cunt." The words were so affectionate, Lila soaked the praise up like a sponge. Dean took off the nipple clamps and immediately, white liquid pearled at the tip of her nipples, Lila moaned at the firey pain that spread through her aching udders. "Now would ya look at that. Such a good little cow, making all this milk for ya calves. Your body just knows its place doesn't it?" he let go of her udders, making Lila moo again. He pushed at her thighs, she spread them wide for him and his fingers wrapped around the plug in her pussy, pulling it out in one swift motion. Lila whined at the empty feeling as her cunt clenched on nothing. Andy stepped behind Scott while folding the red bandanna and instructed him to open wide like me. Scott however knew what was intended and wasn't going to be caught so easily. He clamped his jaws firmly shut. Andy sighed and said, "OK, so we do it the hard way". He pulled the bandanna across Scott's mouth, and drew the ends behind his head. Holding them with one hand he twisted the cloth tightening it further then suddenly grasped Scott's nose with his free hand. Scott was clearly not expecting it. He tried desperately to shake his head free but it was hopeless. After only a few moments he gasped for air, the bandanna was drawn between his teeth and tied off tightly. I watched him struggle for a few seconds, just as I had done, trying to push his gag out with his tongue. I couldn't help laughing into my own gag, seeing my friend contorting his face with his struggles though I must have looked very similar a short while ago. Oh, you'll find out soon enough", was the evasive reply. "Have you forgotten the second part of the deal?" Naturally I had, particularly as I was relieved to be out of the closet so I asked him what he meant.

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