I am a Hero Omnibus Volume 1 (I Am a Hero, 1)

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I am a Hero Omnibus Volume 1 (I Am a Hero, 1)

I am a Hero Omnibus Volume 1 (I Am a Hero, 1)

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What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Society is depicted at its most apathetic. And then there are the infectees who haven't completely lost their minds. This series wasn't really on my radar at all because I don't really go in for zombie stuff but I really enjoyed this! Our main character is probably one of the most interesting characters I've read in manga and it gives a unique take on the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of a mentally unstable man. The story starts out a little slowly but drops hints of the catastrophe that's going to happen shortly. We also see a change in panel structure as after the apocalypse hits, we see the structured and rigid panels in volume one disappear and they open up into amazingly detailed artwork in volume 2 of the omnibus.

Blood-Splattered Innocents: Hiromi, soon after meeting Hideo. When a suicidal zombie decapitates itself, she ends up covered in its apparently partially coagulated blood. Heido has an unhealthy obsession with being a hero as though it is a profession. Outside the DC/Marvel world "heroes" do not exits. People can be heroic and there is plenty of that in the manga. There were so many heroic acts by many (forgotten) individuals. At first I struggled to figure out what was so award-winning about this title. Then I remembered that the manga industry, like most entertainment industries, are run by men. If you are or ever have been a self-entitled misogynistic whining trash, I Am Hero is your Golden Legend. Manga those limitations don't exist. So if you want the best selection and you also want to save money thenThrough the Eyes of Madness: We get to see what the world looks like to a few of the Infected, most dramatically Hiromi and Takashi. This provides significant insight into the behavior of the other ZQN. The Ace: Nakata, who has obscenely rich parents, but loves to draw manga for a living. He is unattractive, socially awkward and speaks with a lisp. However, his manga are successful and everyone speaks highly of his talent as well as his personality. Even Hideo has to grudgingly admit that Nakata is a good person and is good at what he does. Titles Nominated for 5th Manga Taisho Awards". Anime News Network. 2012-01-16 . http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-01-16/15-titles-nominated-for-5th-manga-taisho-awards . Retrieved 2012-02-03.

Hideo Suzuki, 35-vuotias manga-piirtäjän avustaja, on täydellinen päähenkilö tähän sarjaan. Lievästi häiriintynyt, paranoidi hahmo, joka vaikuttaa jopa omassa elämässään turhalta sivuhenkilöltä. Hideon tavoitteena on tulla mangakirjailijaksi, mutta kun kustantaja hylkää hänen käsikirjoituksensa, sortuu hän syyttelemään epäonnistumisestaan kaikkia muita. Myös suhde tyttöystävään takkuilee Hideon kipuillessa mustasukkaisten ajatustensa kanssa. Gory Discretion Shot: This is an extremely graphic series, so there are very few. Whatever the hell it is that the infected Hiromi does to the zombie she mistakes for a torn teddy bear while trying to "fix it", though, we only ever get to see it Through the Eyes of Madness and through Hideo's horrified reaction. Shoot the Shaggy Dog: A common impression of the ending for Hideo's plot line. Hideo ends up relatively content being alone in the post-apocalypse, but that doesn't change the fact that his attempt to get Hiromi to Tokyo and create a vaccine was a conga line of failure doomed from the start by the fact that she was actually an unknowing Horde Master rather than The Immune. No other main character in Hideo's group survives the severely botched attempt. The story as a whole averts this only because of the parallel plot, and Hideo's only contribution to the Bittersweet Ending is his undoing what he did as an inadvertent escort for the Big Bad. Itse juoni etenee suht loogisesti. Alkuun Hideon harhanäyt hämmentävät hieman, mutta kun jatkaa lukemista, pääsee kyllä nopeasti kärryille, mitä ”todellisessa” maailmassa tapahtuu. Välillä myös hypätään muiden kuin Hideon saappaisiin, mikä tuo mukavasti uusia näkökulmia zombie-epidemian leviämiseen. Kyseessä on kuitenkin kaikkialla maailmassa leviävä pandemia, joten on hyvä, että myös muiden maiden kokemuksia väläytellään. Matkan aikana kuvataan muutaman ihmisen yritystä pysytellä hengissä mahdottomassa tilanteessa. Ruokaa ja tarvikkeita on saatava, ja sitä varten on otettava riskejä. Tästä seuraa luonnollisesti se, että myös ihmisten kieroutuneimmat puolet nousevat esiin. Puhumattakaan loppupuolen visioista, jossa zombius kehittyy aivan uudenlaiseksi elämänmuodoksi. Välillä mietin, mitä tabuja Hanazawa oikein on nappaillut, niin häiriintynyttä kamaa sarjassa on mukana. Esimerkiksi pedofilia ja raiskaukset eivät tunnu enää missään sen jälkeen, kun hän on päässyt kunnolla vauhtiin.Not a Zombie: With a few exceptions, the entire city is under this impression as few people who encounter them survive long enough to pass it on. Hideo is a freaked out 35 year old that is afraid of just about anything. He often is found with some boy near him that is either a ghost or a character of his, etc. I never could quite figure out. He has a bit of an odd relationship with this girl yet feels threatened by another mangaka she reads. Although as the new chapters show even those who have long been dead appear to not have completely forgotten their humanity. A hanged zombie finally dies when it's handed a portrait of its family (although it could have just been the head separating from the body after much straining on the zombie's part)

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