Iron Prince (Warformed: Stormweaver Book 1)

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Iron Prince (Warformed: Stormweaver Book 1)

Iron Prince (Warformed: Stormweaver Book 1)

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Morph Weapon: A possibility. A-types change more than other CADs, and are also more likely to develop Arsenal Shift. The Big Guy: He's noted to be enormous, and his Mauler-type CAD is well suited for the sort of straightforward tactics Big Guys tend to use. Ash was a marvelous sword-fighter but he had a shady personality in book#1. Fortunately for Ash, this didn’t stop me from liking him. Often regarded as the ‘cold’, ‘dark’ prince, sometimes he overstepped from his cold demeanor to become downright threatening– cautioning Meghan to stay away from him or else he would kill her– at which point Meghan’s yearning for him became annoying. His character seemed to be inspired by ‘Edward Cullen’ of the Twilight Saga. That being said as we obviously like the same kind of books ... such as this book or cradle which I just assume you must like 😉. The Berserker: Subverted. He's got the build, and the tendencies, plus likes to act the part. But it's all a façade. This first comes out when he gives an excellent critique of another student during training, and when he learns from his mistakes after his fight with Aria during the first round of the Intra-School.

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For the middle 80% of the book Rei doesn't display an unbelievable work ethic, he displays a barely acceptable one... which is still better than anyone else. Impossibly Cool Clothes: His armor's externals, which allow him to float around in a way similar to Valera's, and which simply float around above him, unattached to anything. A class specializing in using heavy weapons, such as axes and hammers. Heavily skewed towards offense and strength. There may be a better trope label for mentally invented excuses for plot holes in ways that are actually plausible, but I can't think of it and don't spend enough time on tvtropes to go searching. fantastic recommendation Will. Loved the book, and I must agree it has some very cradle like feels to it.

Meghan’s life isn’t what you can call ‘extraordinary’, what with her stepfather always forgetting her, her real father having vanished at a picnic, and girls at school teasing her. Not to mention the strange events that happen when she’s around. But since her sixteenth birthday, some strange turn of events makes things even worse.

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Meta Power-Up: One of two things that set his CAD apart from the rest is his unique, S-ranked Growth spec. Not trying to excuse the guy, he's being racist (classist, name-ist?) against Rei and whatever happened in his family to make him that way is no excuse for how he acts. What have you people done to me. I just finished Iron Prince by Bryce O'Connor and Luke Chmilenko, and I was utterly devastated to learn they haven't released book two yet. I need more. A Speed-oriented class that is good in close combat, as it has the shortest range of all the classes. There's combat, tons of combat, so much combat that you might be like "But Will, isn't that too much combat?" After I put up one fingerto silence your beautiful mouth, I would whisper "No. And how dare you."

There is no Romance Sub Plot. The Primary Antagonist ends his last fight which he loses by asking if the main character is dating the two main female characters in the book. So Logan is not going around dating the best friend of the main character. Does she have a type that matches Logan? Yes is she pursuing him nope. Does it look like they will be a couple? Yes. She has an interest in him since he beat the crap out of the people who beat up the main character and is actively discouraging anyone from tryin that again. And the main character wants the former Primary Antagonist to join their team for the External School Tournament. If Rei had the level of support he gets at the end of the book from the third chapter onwards, there wouldn't even be a story - he'd have just roflstomped everyone in his path from the get-go. And if there had been anyone with an ounce of sense in power over him, he would have had that support.

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Two similar, but still different weapons, such as a sword and a parrying dagger. This variant seems to be more common in lower-ranked Duelists.To make things even worse, one of the Fey, the Forgotten Queen, is raising an army to declare war against the Summer and Winter courts. Leading the army is the Iron Prince, Kierran himself, who has betrayed his own family. The Iron Knight is a very touching encounter of Ash’s adventures, when bound by an oath to never enter the Iron realm, he becomes desperate. Forbidden by Meghan to ever put his foot in her kingdom, he seeks Grimalkin, the cait sithe, and pleads for a way out of his vow. The Knights Who Say "Squee!": He fanboys over Valera Dent, The Lasher and Anatoly Sidorov the first time he sees them. I just burned through Iron Prince and I gotta say, Will's description is spot on. Bought the book yesterday and read it in between working hours, just finished it about a day and several focus induced headaches later.

Iron Prince: A Progression Sci-Fi Epic (Warformed Iron Prince: A Progression Sci-Fi Epic (Warformed

After Rei gets his CAD the Growth S is very secret, so people that don't know about it largely have understandable and reasonable reactions to Rei. They are under the impression that the CAD was wasted on a bad choice leading to a permanently weak and worthless soldier. When he also gets into a prestigious school many students assume that in addition to that he is taking up an even more precious Academy slot for some sort of political reason (the older students that know the Academy better figure something is up, but at this school older students appear to have basically zero interaction with freshmen in any way whatsoever, so that doesn't matter). The issue is that some of the people in the know are very stupid with this information.Badass Family: Youngest daughter of one where her father is a decorated veteran and athlete, her sister is on the front lines of a war, and her brother is an S-ranked fighter at the age of 22. That "fearing the tyrant" motivation doesn't really appear to hold water at this point either. The experiment that created Rei's suit is not explained as some sort of non-replicable "a bolt of lightning hit our suit factory during a gamma ray meteor shower and your suit is the result". He was specifically told that he was going to be one of many of the sorts of experiments that are done all the time to improve all CADs generally. Maybe it will turn out to not be replicable, who knows, but we have nothing to indicate that. (It's unclear exactly what this experiment was, it seems to be represented as "is crummy starting stats with great Growth better than good starting stats with good growth", but um... yes infinite power is better than non-infinite power? If the experiment was "hey does this lead to an S Growth stat" then apparently it does!) Even if that can't be applied to existing CADs certainly subsequent CADs should be able to build off of this to have much better growth. It doesn't seem like people should be worried about Rei going space Tyrant on them, because next year they should have at least a couple more handfuls of new ubersuits. They should be upset about a future in which 4-5 years from now all of the new soldiers just completely obsolete them in every way.

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