Hidden Messages in Water

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Hidden Messages in Water

Hidden Messages in Water

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I believe that it contains Truth. We are largely made up water (chemically speaking) and I believe that our thoughts help shape who we are, which in turn, can influence those around us, for good or bad. Records the default button state of the corresponding category & the status of CCPA. It works only in coordination with the primary cookie. It was as if Emoto had no real purpose when he set out to write this book, and never, I don't know, outlined or anything. The disjointedness of it all would have made me put down a book any longer than this very short volume. Trong sách có rất nhiều hình tinh thể ông chụp được, từ những mẫu nước ở các nước khác nhau, ở các tiếng nói khác nhau. Choose your words wisely, fill your body, mind, heart, spirit with goodness and be wary of those that speak to you in demeaning fashions.

A cookie set by YouTube to measure bandwidth that determines whether the user gets the new or old player interface. In a nutshell, Emoto conducted quite a few experiments on water and how positive or negative energy affects it. Several experiments were conducted by people throughout the world, from writing words on pieces of paper and taping them to the water bottle, to chanting, praying, thanking, insulting or ignoring water. Everything from prayer to words to different kinds of music were exposed to the water which was then frozen. The water crystals were studied and the findings were amazing. On a lighter note, since I read this book I wrote my own special love and gratitude type words on the bottom of my personal water jug. I fill it (about 9 cups) with tap water, because that is what is available to me. Since writing the words on the jug I can tell a difference in the taste of the water, it takes more clean, crisp and pure.

Our bodies are composed of 70% water. By exposing various kinds of water to negative and positive words, sights, sounds, the water crystals reacted. Imagine what we experience daily, yet do not realize the impact of our words, actions, behavior? Nothing in the books makes me trust his experiments, especially when he says they cannot copy the same conditions for the experiments. Fail. Dr. Emoto began this as a personal experiment. What occurred was a six year observation that turned into global talks, conferences and the publishing of several books. This is a short volume explaining water, our bodies, photography, and the reason for the experiment. Emoto, in his book "The Hidden Messages in Water" goes into greater depth in his findings of water and its receptability. The ideas that were presented in this book were widely varied, loosely connected, and rarely well developed. Did you know that all the water on earth came from gigantic 'lumps' of water that float around the universe and bombard our planet? Far-fetched, and it was taken for granted that the reader would just accept this fact and move on - without even a citation of the scientist who came up with this theory!

His work has us question, if water is affected by the words, intentions, and energies, what about human beings, who are made of mostly water? If we transform the water and thoughts we are made of, what else is possible? JREF, е обещал 1 милион долара на японския тарикат, ако последният докаже чрез контролирани научни доказателства тезите си, но както се досещате Масару се прикрива като ТЪПА П*ТКА под предлога, че той е от Ню Ейдж движението, и че той е представител на т.нар. субективна наука. Субективна какво? Я се скрий! This is why it is crucial to be responsible for your words, behaviors, actions, environment and health. It not only affects you, it effects everyone associated with you and the planet as a whole. Dr. Masaru Emoto put Water as a Living Consciousness on the map for the scientific world. He showed us how water is an energy capable of more than we ever imagined. The power human thoughts, sounds and intentions has to strengthen and disempower is one of the greatest discoveries of our time.

As some others have noted, the theory Emoto has created from his research does seem to have some rather large leaps from point A to point B. In my personal opinion, there is a lot of interesting information that Emoto has collected, but still not enough to really form a solid theory, so he tells the story he WANTS to tell (and that a lot of people want to hear). Could it be true? Maybe, who knows? But it seems like there should be a lot more tests done before making the claims that he does. But is the power of positive affirmation really so mysterious? Placebo/Nocebo effect is pretty well documented. Even if the mechanism for that effect is unknown.

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